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Energy Acuity Blog

Reactions To The Section 201 Solar Trade Case [500-Company Survey]

The Section 201 Solar Trade Case is a tariff dispute focused on the price of solar panels in the U.S. imported from China. The U.S.-based solar panel manufacturing company Suniva claims that Chinese solar panel manufacturers are “dumping” panels into the U.S. market at a lower price to drive down competition.

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The Most Accurate Wind Database For Projects + 5 Wind Development Projects To Know In 2018

As wind power becomes more competitive with traditional energy sources, big-name companies are making a push to stake their claims in the industry. Over the next few years, a significant amount of wind power will enter the U.S. energy mix through wind farms under construction or wind projects reaching completion. 

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Our Top 10 Energy Market Blogs & Reports From 2017

It’s 2018, and while we’re excited about what this new year might bring, we’re also reflecting on the best of 2017. That’s why we rounded up our top five energy industry blog articles and industry reports from last year, where we share some of the juicy data from the top energy industry intelligence our clients enjoy. 

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2 Factors That Affect Utility-Scale Solar Projects [Intro]

If you’re wondering what factors play into whether or not utility-scale projects become reality, you’re in the right place. Here are two of several predictors you and your team can use as a framework for determining which development projects have the greatest potential for success.

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How To Find Wind Developers For Your Project (Plus 5 Worth Contacting)

If you’re looking to get in on the ground floor of wind development projects in the U.S. and Canada, building relationships with wind energy developers and wind turbine companies and suppliers are critical to your success. Because wind energy developers are involved with wind projects from the inception, they are the best opportunity and point of contact for vendors.

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The Most Accurate Solar RFP Database (+ 5 Benefits)

Energy Acuity has a solar RFP database brimming with opportunities for vendors—in 2016 alone, our database tracked 525 North American renewable energy solicitations seeking a variety of goods and services for renewable energy projects.

It's a powerful tool for vendors, developers, sales teams, and more.

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5 Smart Grid Startups To Keep Your Eye On

Our 2016 Smart Grid report has everything you need to know about the biggest smart grid companies in the industry—including RFPs by region, RFP technology types by region and utility issuer, top utility issuers of 2016, utility conversations, and more.

But we know some vendors are more interested in learning about the up-and-comers—the smart grid startups positioned to make great gains through 2018 and beyond. To help get you going, here are five of our top smart grid startups to keep your eye on.

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What You Need To Know About Renewable Energy Project Financing


When we talk about renewable energy project finance, we separate the audience into two types of people: developers who build and sell when the project is live, and others who build a project to own. For developers who build to sell, finding buyers is a key component to the process; at the end of the day, you just want to be paid the highest price. And for people who develop to own, they have to go to the bank and find people who provide tax equity. Both of these angles require an understanding of renewable energy project finance.

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The 2017 Smart Grid Market Forecast: A Comparison By State

Where is it “smart” to look for opportunities with smart grid companies? We took a look at data from across the United States (featured in our Energy Acuity Grid Database) in order to provide a smart grid market forecast comparison for vendors and other interested parties.

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2016 Request For Proposals (RFPs) Report

Energy Acuity clients often tell us we have the most comprehensive set of smart grid specific RFPs of any data service provider. If you’re a vendor looking to find RFPs for renewable energy projects before your competition has already signed on with them, you may be wondering about what the real state of requests for proposals is currently.

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