Energy Acuity PJM LMP Map

PJM LMP Mapย Tool Overview

Energy Acuityโ€™s LMP tool provides users with a unique ability to access, visualize and analyze Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP) across different zones. The tool provides historical real-time and day-ahead hourly LMP, Congestion and Line Loss pricing for nodes, hubs, and zones located in ERCOT, PJM, CAISO, SPP, ISO-NE, NYISO and MISO.

  • LMP โ€” Search through PJM LMP node data by state, hub, LMP average price, LMP min price, LMP max price, congestion average price, line loss average price, congestion as % of LMP, line loss as % of LMP, negative LMP (hours), peak LMP, and/or off-peak LMP.
  • Node Comparison โ€” Compare PJM LMP nodes side by side through this interactive charting and analysis tool.
  • PJM LMP Map โ€” This interactive PJM mapping system shows LMP nodes map and LMP pricing heat map.
  • 7 Year Forward curve โ€” Exportable spreadsheet of our 7 year forward pricing model for future LMP forecasting and planning.


Energy Acuity PJM LMP Map

LMP Historical Analysis
Energy Acuityโ€™s LMP tool allows users to easily compare historical prices at different PJM nodes over time. This data can be easily exported to excel for more in-depth analysis.

LMP Price and Node Mapping
Energy Acuity’s LMP tool provides heat mapping for all PJM zones across the U.S. This interactive mapping feature allows users to view heat maps for a single time period down to the hourly level, or to visualize LMP changes over time.

Energy Acuity PJM LMP Map
Energy Acuity PJM LMP Map

Basis Risk Analysis
Users can use Energy Acuityโ€™s mapping tools to identify proxy wind nodes near different sites you are considering. These proxy nodes will have similar characteristics such as wind speed, frequency, and transmission constraints at the nearby sites you are considering.

LMP Forward Pricing
Energy Acuity collects forward LMP pricing data from several third-party vendors and aggregates this data into 7 year forwards. We have on peak and off-peak monthly forward pricing data for PJM and zones.


Source: Energy Acuity

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