Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP)

LMP Node Search, Map, Compare ✔️



Search through LMP data by ISO, state, hub, zone, or node. Easily find nodes based on pricing characteristics (average, min, max) congestion, and line loss.


View the physical location of LMP nodes in our mapping feature. Find nodes around potential projects sites to create proxy nodes for siting analysis, and layer on nearby transmission, power, and property data to get a better sense of how the project would interconnect, potential offtakers, and other plants operating or being built nearby. Integrates seamlessly with our node comparison tool to allow you to select various nodes on a map and compare their historical performance instantly.


Easily compare historical hourly energy prices at all nodes and hubs across the U.S. to analyze basis risk and assist in project siting. Easily export data to excel for more granular analysis.

LMP Heat Map

Need to view prices on a macro level or visualize price changes? Our heatmapping tool allows users to visualize LMP price changes over time and take a different view on regional pricing analysis.

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