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Energy Acuity Product Suite

Renewables| Solar & Wind

Welcome to Energy Acuity’s flagship product!

Renewable Details:
Active Solar & Wind RFPs and Opportunities | 180+
Solar Projects | 22,500+
Wind Projects | 14,100+
Companies | 8,700+
Executives | 56,300+


Traditional| Fossil, Nuclear & Hydro

Traditional Details:
Active Traditional RFPs and Opportunities | 50+
Projects | 6,100+
Companies | 1,100+
Executives | 36,000+


Energy Storage| Grid Scale & Storage

Energy Storage Details:
Active Energy Storage RFPs and Opportunities | 140+
Storage Projects | 1,600+
Companies | 4,100+
Executives | 45,200+


Grid| Smart Grid, Substation & Transmission

Grid Details:
Active Grid RFPs and Opportunities | 640+
Smart Grid Projects | 6,800+
Transmission Projects | 13,000+
Substations | 40,000+
Utilities | 3,600+
Executives | 50,300+


LMP| Locational Marginal Pricing

LMP Details:
Search through LMP node data by ISO, state, hub, LMP average price, LMP min price, LMP max price, congestion average price, line loss average price, congestion as % of LMP, line loss as % of LMP, negative LMP (hours), peak LMP, and/or off-peak LMP. This product also includes Node Comparison, Interactive ISO Heat Map and an exportable 7-Year Forward Pricing Curve.


Water & Gas

Water & Gas Details:
Active Water & Gas RFPs and Opportunities | 170+
Water Projects | 900+
Gas Projects | 130+
Companies | 2,000+
Executives | 230,000+


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