About Energy Acuity

Our mission is to provide the most efficient way to find detailed and actionable insights that support the electric power industry’s transition to a renewable future.

Energy Acuity started in 2008 because we wanted to prove that a sophisticated data collection process combined with a simple user experience was better than traditional third-party data providers.

Today, our Analytics product continues to uncover the information that shapes our clients’ foundational understanding of the market through robust data visualizations that can slice our data to fit their specific needs. From there, clients can dig into granular data sets including Renewables, Traditional, Grid, Energy Storage, Water & Gas, and LMP to discover industry-leading market intelligence. Including how they assess and find opportunities, determine the impacts of policy on markets, quantify competition, and gain visibility into competitive power delivery markets and power infrastructure.

Energy Acuity’s data and data collection approach set us apart by using a tried and true method. Giving the best data analysts access to cutting edge data collection abilities. We dynamically merge primary research with algorithmic processing (AI), public data collection, and expert analysis; all focused on our clients’ needs.



How Does Energy Acuity get its data?

Primary & proactive research, web & news monitoring, public resource aggregation and expert analysis.

How does EA ensure the accuracy of the data?

Energy Acuity ensures accuracy through intuitive data & resource aggregation paired with expert analyst review. Energy Acuity is frequently regarded as the most accurate & granular renewable energy & cleantech informational resource in the industry.

How often is the tool updated?

Energy Acuity’s platform is updated every 24 hours.

Who uses Energy Acuity?

The majority of our clients are Developers, EPC's, Subcontractors, Distributors, Manufacturers, Utilities, O&Ms, Financiers, Law Firms, and Recruiters.

How long has EA been in business?

Founded in 2008 by Brian Graff, Energy Acuity is celebrating its 13th anniversary this year!

Is there training/support offered?

We judge our success by the success of our users! Training and support is offered 24/7, 365 for the life of your subscription. We're here to help you get the most out of Energy Acuity!

Commitment to Community

Energy Acuity is passionate about making a difference for the environment and our community. We’re proud to call Denver, CO home, and we will continue to volunteer and support non-profit causes in the regions.

We partnered with St. Baldricks Foundation for the past seven years, raising over $50,000 and volunteer head shaving. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation has funded over $234 million in childhood cancer research grants, more than any other organization except the U.S. government. Since 2004, St. Baldrick’s head-shaving events in Denver have raised over $6.8 million for childhood cancer research! More than 30 Denver events took place last year to honor local children with cancer, survivors, and those who have passed away.

For the past six years, we have partnered with Denver Children’s Home. Denver Children’s Home provides a comprehensive therapeutic and educational continuum of care for the region’s abused, neglected, and traumatized children and their families with mental health issues.

2018 Denver Children’s Home Experience

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