Energy Storage

The Energy Storage market is here to stay and comprehending the rapidly expanding market requires detailed analysis of the projects, the policy, and the personnel that comprise the space. Energy Acuity’s comprehensive coverage comes from 12 years on the job. We know what to track and where to track it and can provide you the actionable information to get involved.

Active RFPs & Opportunities





Let us do the project research so you can focus on doing your job! Search projects by Name, Keyword, Technology Type, Status, Date Range, Capacity, Duration, State, Company and much more! Analyze in tabular or geospatial formats.


Energy Acuity tracks policy and regulatory updates throughout the US. We have compiled state-by-state summaries to guide your research into the most advantageous energy storage markets. Search through PUC / PSC and legislative documents. Track Integrated Resource Plans (IRP). Monitor how RFPs and projects in various development stages are stacking up with state & utility energy storage mandates.

Market Targets & Pacing

Browse through our Integrated Resources Plans, and be the first one to know if utilities are on track to meet their energy storage capacity deployment, mandates. Analyze in graphs or tabular formats.


Energy Acuity tracks IOU, CO-Ops, Municipalities and more! 

Company &  Personnel Search

Looking for new partnerships? Want to expand into new Markets? Need to monitor the competition? Find the company details you need in one centralized location. Search by Type, Country, State, Zip or Search Radius and easily identify the companies & connect with the personnel who make up those organizations needed to grow your business!

GeoSpatial Analysis & Mapping

View the locations of projects in all development phases. Easily visualize power generation, grid infrastructure, and pricing in a single mapping tool. Parcel data, substations, transmission lines, projects, LMP Nodes, flood plains, endangered species, economic opportunity zones – all correlated. Everything you need for seamless siting analysis and project due-diligence to grow your business!

Interconnection Queues

Energy Acuity takes the hassle out of tracking ISO/RTO interconnection queues. With daily updates, be the first to know about new projects, as well as existing project updates and withdrawals. Interconnection queue data is tied to EA projects making it easier to understand project timelines and company involvement the queue.

Anyone can track the queue but understanding how it relates to the market and to other projects you’re tracking is challenging. We take the challenge out of this so you can focus on moving your business forward before your competitors.

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