Here at Energy Acuity, we take Renewable Energy & Clean Tech very seriously! But over our 11+ years in business, we’ve come across and created some of the top renewable jokes & puns. Drop these at a renewable energy conference, break the ice with new clients, or just throw some in everyday conversation. These jokes have the power to bring you laughs!


Wind Jokes & Puns

Energy acuity Renewable Energy Jokes & Puns

Industry Standard Wind Jokes:

  • What Is A Wind Turbines Favorite Genre Of Music? Heavy Metal 🀘
  • Renewable Energy? I’m A Big Fan
  • I Made A Pun About Wind, But It Blows
  • I Came. I Spun. I Conquered.
  • A Wind Turbine Saw A Solar Panel At A Party… He Leaned In And Shouted, “HEY! I’m A Big Fan!”
  • I Did A Research Report On New Wind Capacity Produced… It Was A Breeze
  • When There’s A Huge Wind Spill… It’s Just Called A Windy Day

Energy Acuity Originals:

  • What’s A Wind Turbines Favorite Color? Blew
  • Why Do Wind Turbines Love Phil Collins? They’re All ‘In The Air Tonight’
  • Why Was The Wind Turbine Blushing? It Broke Wind
  • What Do Wind Turbines Talk About? Nothing Special, They Just Shoot The Breeze
  • What’s A Wind Turbines Favorite Movie? Gone With The Wind
  • What Did The Wind Turbine Say To The Engineer? I’m A Big Fan Of Your Work
  • I Went To A Wind Convention This Week… Frankly, It Blew Me Away
  • Why Was The Wind Turbine Decommissioned? It Took A Turn For The Worse
  • What Did The Substation Say When Its Wind Farm Reached COD? Mmmmm… That’s a Breath Of Fresh Air
  • What Did The Wind Farm Say To The Coal Plant? I’m Just Here To Clear The Air
  • Why Was The Wind Turbine On The Ground? Someone Knocked The Wind Out Of It
  • Why Are Wind Turbines So Happy? Because Their Life’s A Breeze
  • What Is A Wind Turbines Mantra? One Good Turn Deserves Another
  • What Did The Substation Say To The Wind Farm? Something Specials Is In The Air
  • Why Are Wind Turbines Terrible At Baseball? They Just Swing In The Wind
  • Why Are Teen Wind Turbines So Adventurous? They Throw Caution To The Wind
  • Why Was The Wind Farm Capacity Factor So Sloppy?Β It Was Three Sheets To The Wind
  • Why Can’t Wind Turbines Ever Make Plans? They’re Always Up In The Air
  • Why Did The Wind Turbine Become A Meteorologist? It Always Knew Which Way The Wind Blew

Solar Jokes & Puns

Industry Standard Solar Jokes:

  • What Do You Call A TV Show Discussing Renewable Energy?Β A Solar Panel
  • We Need To Start Investing More In Solar Energy…But It’s Not Just Going To Happen Overnight
  • When There’s A Huge Solar Energy Spill… It’s Just Called A Nice Day
  • What Did The Solar Panel Say To The Sun? You’re So Conceited! I Swear, You Act Like The Whole World Revolves Around You
  • Solar Panel Technology… So Hot Right Now
  • I Still Don’t Fully Believe In Solar Energy… But I’m Warming Up To The Idea
  • You Don’t Like Renewable Energy? Coal Story Bro

Energy Acuity Originals:

  • What Is A Solar Panels Favorite Drink? Sunny-D
  • Why Was The Solar Panel Anxious? It Was All Hot & Bothered
  • What Is A Solar Panels Favorite Song? Here Comes The Sun
  • Why Is Elton Johns Solar Farm The Most Efficient In The World? He Doesn’t Let The Sun Go Down On Them
  • Why Do Solar Panels And Coal Plant Never Talk About Policy? It’s A Hot Button Issue
  • What Do You Call A Dishevelled Solar Panel? A Hot Mess
  • Why Are Solar Panels Always Optimistic? They Keep Their Sunny Side Up
  • Why Did The Solar Panel Sign Up For The Bake Sale? Because They’re Selling Like Hot Cakes
  • How Do Solar Panels Like Their Eggs? Sunny-Side Up
  • How did the solar panel feel when it was finally installed? AMPED

User Submissions:

  • Β Why are we always talking about Solar energy? Because it’s such a hot topicΒ β€” Enoch Wang


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