Energy Acuity (EA) is the trusted leader in power generation and power delivery market intelligence. Founded in 2008, EA was built on a renewable database which includes daily updated Wind and Solar Request For Proposals (RFPs) & Opportunities.

So how does the Energy Acuity ‘Wind RFP Database’ help you find up-to-date opportunities? and how does it work? 🤔

Source: Energy Acuity Renewables Platform

Energy Acuity uses public resources, primary research and proprietary algorithms to aggregate Wind RFPs into one, simply organized dashboard.

Let’s get started!

Begin by going to Energy Acuity’s Wind RFP/Opportunities Search. Choose the ‘technology type’ (Wind 💨🔋) > click ‘Search’

Wind RFP/Opportunities Database

As of writing, June 4th, 2018, the EA Wind RFP/Opportunities database returned 53 results (Results updated daily).

Wind RFP/Opportunities Database

There are 3 Main Filters to help you make a more informed decision on if the Wind bid is right for your company.

#1 Name

Wind RFP/Opportunities Database - Project Search

Filter by the name of the project, issue date or deadline. You can also add RFPs to your ‘watchlist’ to send yourself notifications everytime the project is updated.

Wind RFP/Opportunities Database - Project Profile

Inside of the Wind bid profile you can see Wind ‘Bid Title’, ‘Bid Link’, ‘Tech Type’, ‘Companies’, Bid ‘State’, ‘Country’, ‘Project Type’, ‘Date Announced’, Bid ‘Submission Deadline’, Contacts, ‘RFP Documents’, and Wind Bid ‘Description

#2 Issuing Company

Wind RFP/Opportunities Database - Issuing Company Search

By default, Wind Search is filtered by ‘Issue Date’ but by filtering by ‘issuing company’ you can alphabetically organize all of the bids by the Wind company issuing the bid.

From there, you can go into the Wind company issuing the bid and see the other opportunities available, project summary, recent news & intelligence as well as customized tabs to take a more granular look into the Wind company.

Wind RFP/Opportunities Database - Company Profile

#3 State

Wind RFP/Opportunities Database - State Search

Finally, you can filter Wind RFPs/Opportunities by State.

Wind RFP/Opportunities Database

From this ‘State Profile’ you can look at ‘IOU’, ‘POU’, ‘Co-op’, Opportunities, Projects, Recent News & Intelligence as well as ‘Average Retail Price of Electricity’ in that State. You can also click on the tabs to learn more state-specific Wind initiatives.


Through the Energy Acuity Wind search, you can easily find Wind RFPs and Opportunities along with all of the granular data needed to make an informed decision.


Looking for Wind project details and specifics?  Request a Free Demo of the Energy Acuity Platform Today!

Demo Solar RFP

Energy Acuity (EA)is the leading provider of power generation and power delivery market intelligence. Founded in 2008, EA was built on the principle that essential energy market research could be conducted and presented more efficiently than the traditional third-party data providers.

EA’s unique approach merges primary research, public resource aggregation, web monitoring and expert analysis that is delivered through a simple, dynamic online platform. This allows our clients to focus on actionable information and win business over the competition.

If you need Accurate and Complete Wind RFPs, Contact Us and we’ll show you why our clients love us!

“Energy Acuity is a key part of my sales development activity.  I leverage the email function to alert me to newly submitted or revised interconnect applications.  I also use the Company profile to better understand my customers’ key contacts and development activity.  Energy Acuity is an outstanding tool that I highly recommend for accelerating sales growth.” — Strategic Account Manager, SMA America