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Energy Acuity RFP Tracking

RFP Tracking Transcript:

Hi, this is Greg with Energy Acuity and today we’re going through RFP tracking inside of the Energy Acuity Product Suite. Energy Acuity has four products with RFP tracking attached to them: Renewables (Solar & Wind), Grid (Smart Grid, Substation & Transmission)Traditional (Fossil, Nuclear & Hydro), Water & Gas (Water & Gas Utility) as well as Energy Storage (Grid Scale & Storage).

Today we’re going to be looking inside of the Renewables Platform RFP and Opportunities search. Searches can be performed by Keyword, Issuing Company, Tech Type, Solicitation Type, Issuing Date, Deadlines Range or Location.

We’re gonna be looking at Solar RFPs inside the United States.

Currently, there are 78 active RFPs and Opportunities. RFPs and Opportunities can be sorted by Opportunity Type, Issuing Date, Deadline, Name, Capacity, Issuing Company, State, Country, Tech Type, and/or Solicitation Type. They can also be added to your watch list so that any time an opportunity is changed, you’ll be notified.

Let’s dive into a project!

This is the 2018 Community Solar Gardens Program by Black Hills Energy. This is a turnkey solar project for two megawatts. You’ll see the Anticipated Schedule, the Contact that posted the RFP, as well as a short description. You can either go to the original bid link where the project was pulled from or you can dive into the company’s profile.

Inside the company’s profile, you can see all of the Executives to contact in order to win the bid, as well as all the Projects they’re associated with, Locations they’re in, Related Companies, News, Financials, RFPs, Supply Agreements, M&A and Financing. You can also see an overview of the Opportunities, Recent News & Intelligence, as well as a Short Description. And that’s how it’s done!

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RFP Tracking is available for the following products:

Renewables | Solar & Wind
Grid | Smart Grid & Transmission
Traditional | Fossil, Nuclear & Hydro
Energy Storage | Grid Scale & Storage
Water & Gas | Water & Gas Utility


Source: Energy Acuity


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