Wind RFP’s and Projects can be difficult to identify, research and track from pre-planning through completion. Information can be scattered between different sources, different platforms, different states and/or different entities. Energy Acuity’s Wind Database cuts down on research time and aggregates projects, RFP’s and analysis into one simple dashboard.

Energy acuity Wind Database

Let’s take a look!

The Wind Database has 5 main searchable components to get you started:
Energy Acuity Wind Database Search

— Project Search
— Interconnection Queue
— Pricing Data
— REC Pricing
— Analyst Notes

— RFP / Opportunities Search
— RFP Awards

— Company Search

— Exectuive Search
— Project Contact Search

— State Search



The ‘Projects’ tab allows you to search through Projects, Interconnection Queue, Pricing Data, REC Pricing and Analyst Notes. As of the time of writing, Energy Acuity was tracking 13,759 Wind Projects.

Search by Project Name, Keyword, Company Name, Project Type, Offtaker (Commercial, Government, Utility, Educational, Energy Market, and Other), Project Status (Operating, Under Construction, Pre-Construction, Project Suspended, and Decommissioned), Date Range, Location, Total Capacity and Operating Capacity.

For example, let’s say you want to find Utility Scale, Pre-Construction, Wind Projects inside of the United States. The Wind Database would return:

Energy Acuity Wind Database Project Search

You can see that the search returned 815 Utility Scale, Pre-Construction Wind projects totaling 171,523.65 MW’s. From here you can either add projects to your ‘Wached’ list (Get notified every time a project is updated or modified), dive into the project profile or continue filtering results until you get exactly what you need.

Let’s jump into a Project Profile!

Wind Project Profile

Energy Acuity Project Profile

Inside of the Energy Acuity Project Profiles, you’ll find all of the details and information you need in order to thoroughly investigate the opportunity.  Above, we’ve selected the the “Garden State Offshore Energy” Project Profile from the previous search.

Here you can see project Capacity, Status, Location, Potential Investment, Offtaker, Companies Involved, Analyst Notes, Key Company Contacts, Substations and all of the News relating to that specific project.

What previously took hours, days or weeks to research, organize and analyze can now be done in seconds with Energy Acuity.

Show Me Projects Inside of the Wind Database



RFPs and Opportunities inside of the Wind Database can be quickly searched, filtered and sorted.

Energy Acuity Wind Database RFP Opportunity Search Results

At the time of writing, the Wind Database returned 52 active RFPs and Opportunities. RFPs and Opportunities can be added to your ‘Watched’ list as well as sorted by Opportunity Type (IRP, Proceeding, and RFP), Issue Date, Deadline, Project Name, Capacity (in MW), Issuing Company, State, Country, Tech Type (Distributed Generation, Renewable Energy Credits, Renewables, Wind), and Solicitation Type (Goods, Service, Turnkey, Wholesale Power).

From here you can drill into the RFP’s that best fits your business.

Energy Acuity Wind Database RFP Profile

No need to track down bid contacts, companies involved, RFP details or descriptions. We aggregate, organize and analyze all of the RFP information for you so you can get back to your core business.

RFP Awards

This sub-section of the RFP/Opportunities search allows you to see who was awarded the RFPContract Value (US Dollar amount of the contract), as well as the Issuing Company. This search helps to identify who is winning bids, how they are being won, and for what amount.

Energy Acuity Wind Database RFP Awards

Show Me Wind Database RFPs and Opportunities



Similar to Project Search, Company Search allows you to find companies in the Wind Industry meeting your exact specifications. Companies can be searched by Company Role (Owner, Developer, EPC, Supplier, Power Purchaser, O&M, and Financier), Location Type (Project Locations, Office Locations, and HQ Location), Region, Country, State, USA Zip Code, Project Status (Operating, Under Construction, Pre-Construction, Project Suspended, and Decommissioned), Project Offtaker (Commercial, Government, Utility, Educational, Energy Market, and Other), Capacity Range, and Power Purchase Agreements (With or Without).

Let’s run a search for the largest Developers of Pre-Construction Wind projects.

Energy Acuity Wind Database Company Search

From the basic search you can see the number of wind projects and the MW capacity associated with each company. For this example, let’s say you’re interested in one of Apex Clean Energy’s wind projects and need to know who is the best executive contact on the project or need the entire scope of Apex’s business to assess lifetime value. By diving into the company profile you can see a complete picture to help you make a more informed decision.

Energy Acuity Wind Database Company Profile

Inside of the main Company Profiles dashboard you’ll find, Recent News & Intelligence, Company Project Summary, and a Short Company Description. All Company Profiles aggregate information across the Energy Acuity platform into header tabs. The Apex Clean Energy Company Profile contains Executives (Key Company Executives and Contacts), Renewable Projects (All Solar and Wind Projects associate with Apex), Properties (Locations of all the properties owned by Apex Clean Energy), Preferred Partners (Who does Apex like to work with), Locations (Corporate and Affiliate Company Locations), Related Companies, News, Supply Agreements, M&A, Alliances, Financing (Investors, Date of Investment, Type of Investment, and Amount of Investment), and Portfolio Companies (Companies Apex Clean Energy has invested in).

Show Me Companies Inside the Wind Database



The People Search allows you to search through Executives and Project Contacts inside of the Wind Database.

The Executive Search
Don’t know the right executive contact at a company? This is the search for you! Executives can be searched by Name, Keyword, Company Classification (Industry, Sector – Manufacturer, Owner, Power Purchaser and Service Provider, and Sub-Sector), Location Type (HQ Location, Project Locations, Office Locations, Region, Country, State, and Province), Company Name, Company Role (Supplier, Developer, Engineering/Procurement/Construction, Owner, Power Purchaser, Financier, Operations & Maintenance, and Former Owner), Project Type (Offshore or Onshore) and Project Size.

The Project Contact Search
Don’t know the best personal to contact on a project? This search can quickly identify the key project contact to help you win business more efficiently! Project Contacts can be searched by Name, Keyword, Company Classification (Industry, Sector – Manufacturer, Owner, Power Purchaser and Service Provider, and Sub-Sector), Project Information (Name and/or Keyword), Status (Operating, Under Construction, Pre-Construction, Project Suspended), Offtaker (Commercial, Government, Utility, Educational, Energy Market, and Other), State, and Capacity Range (in MW).

Show Me Executive & Project Contacts Inside of the Wind Database



Energy Acuity Wind Database State Search

Searches can also be performed at a higher level through the State Search. As an example, let’s look at the home state of Energy Acuity, Colorado.

Energy Acuity Wind Database State Profile

Through the Colorado dashboard you’ll see Utilities (IOU, POU and Coops) operating in the CO, Opportunities, Project News & Intelligence, Policy News & Intelligence, Project Summary (Pre-Construction, Under Construction and Operating), and Average Retail Price of Electricity.

The Colorado state profile also includes tabs to Policy information, Renewable Projects (Solar and Wind), Energy Storage Projects (Grid Scale and Storage), Properties, Traditional Projects (Fossil, Nuclear and Hydro), Utility Information, Smart Grid Projects, Transmission Projects, Substations, RFPs, News and Companies.

Show Me State Search Inside of the Wind Database


Source: Energy Acuity

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