Demand for renewable energy is booming in 2021. From a rise in supportive federal incentives, to increasing ambitions to electrify transportation, the transformational shift in the energy industry is felt across the value chain.

Just five years ago, investors were cautious to pile in to the tumultuous and fragmented clean power industry. That’s a far away memory now, with today’s strong M&A market and renewable projects’ now favored view with pension funds and insurers competing to add large renewable energy assets to portfolios.

While optimism abounds for new renewable projects, the risks to developers are similar to any emerging industry. Most renewable energy developers today complete only one in five planned projects in their portfolio.

What’s different about this emerging industry? It’s receiving estimated annual investments near $75 billion a year, and is expected to grow. That’s a hard figure to ignore.

Figure 1 | Top 10 U.S. Renewable Developers by Megawatt

Here’s a look at the top 10 companies in the renewable developer space. Whether you’re a developer, operator, investor or other type of firm investigating new opportunities in the renewable energy industry, you should get to know these 10 companies.

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