Energy Acuity’s unique approach merges primary research, public resource aggregation, web monitoring and expert analysis that is delivered through a simple, dynamic online platform. In this post, we are going to be focusing on primary research and even more specifically, ‘Analyst Notes‘.

Energy Acuity Primary Research - Analyst Notes

2 types of Analyst Notes

1.) Energy Acuity Analysts Talking with the Project Contact Directly

There are two main types of ‘Analyst Notes’. This first isย an analyst has a conversation with a contact close to the project.

Energy Acuity Solar Analyst Notes

On the Beaucatcher Solar Project (above) the most recent note dated 6/8/2018 was a ‘Project Contact’ (located under ‘Note Type’) and there was a conversation with a contact close to the project. The ‘Analyst Note’ on this particular project says the project owner has received its zoning permits but has not received any building permits. Our analyst then adjusted the timeline of this pre-construction project because of this project insight.ย This type of ‘Analyst Note’ allows users to get an even deeper understanding of the project without having to physically check-in.

2.) Energy Acuity Analysts pulling notes from documents publicly filed.

The second form of ‘Analyst Note’ comes from notes gathered from public filings and online resources.

Energy Acuity Solar Analyst Notes - Data Source

In the case of the L.A. County – Government Facilities Solar Project (above), the first ‘Analyst Note’ comes from a publicly filed PPA from the County of Los Angeles (PPA can be found here) and was mutually terminated in 2016. Our analysts also checked the current list of solar projects in the unincorporated area of the county (Data Source URL) and didn’t find anything thus the project status was changed from “Pre-Construction” to “Project Suspended”.

Analyst Notes & Conversations

Energy Acuity Analyst Notes iPad

‘Analyst Notes’ are currently available in the following Energy Acuity databases:

โ€”ย Renewables (Solar & Wind)
โ€” Grid (Smart Grid & Transmission)
โ€” Traditional
(Fossil, Nuclear, & Hydro)

Clicking the “Analyst Note Conversations” tab inside of the Energy Acuity platform, users will see all of the conversations our analysts have had. Energy Acuity users can even sign-up to receive alerts anytime a new note or conversation is added to a “watched” project. This allows users to receive project updates on the go without signing into the Energy Acuity portal.

Project & RFP Analyst Notes

Energy Acuity Analyst Notes

All ‘Analyst Notes’ are tied to the Project or RFP they’re associated with. Users can either search through all of the new conversations to see which projects are being updated or sign-up to receive alerts when an analyst updates a note on a project. Users can also hit the “Ask EA” button at any time to send our research team in your direction.


‘Analyst Notes’ puts the Energy Acuity research team at the tip of your fingertips.ย Stop wasting time updating project details, sorting through disorganized public filings or tracking down project contacts! Energy Acuity makes it easy to save time and know exactly what’s going on with the projects you need to see.

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Source: Energy Acuity


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