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Energy Acuity is proud to offer potential clients FREE Sample data! With one simple form (it takes about 30 seconds to fill out) our research team will search through trillions of data points to find the data customized to you and your business. It’s never been easier to see what Energy Acuity can do for you!


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What is Energy Acuity?

The Energy Acuity Product Suite is an Energy Market Intelligence tool with comprehensive analysis & data. We support 7 separate platforms with complimentary dashboards and analysis. Our Intelligence powers the growth of the renewable energy & clean tech industries.


Which Energy Markets are we Tracking?

Renewables (Solar & Wind)
Traditional (Fossil, Nuclear & Hydro)
Energy Storage (Grid Scale & Storage)
Grid (Smart Grid & Transmission)
Water & Gas (Water & Gas Utility)
LMP (Locational Marginal Pricing)
30-Year Forecast (Energy Pricing Forecast)


What do we Specialize in?

Energy Project Intelligence, Tracking & Analysis
RFPs & Opportunities Tracking & Analysis
Monitoring, Tracking & Analysis
Monitoring & Tracking
Energy Policy
 Monitoring, Tracking & Analysis
Industry News Monitoring & Tracking
Energy Price Analysis & Forecasting
Primary Research


A Majority of our Clients are…

Developers | EPC’s | Subcontractors
Distributors | OEM’s | Utilities
Financiers | Law Firm | O&Ms | Recruiters


FREE Sample Data 👉 Here


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Energy Acuity (EA) is the leading provider of power generation and power delivery market intelligence. EA’s unique approach merges primary research, public resource aggregation, web monitoring and expert analysis that is delivered through a simple, dynamic online platform. This allows our clients to focus on actionable information and win business over the competition! Experience What Energy Acuity Can Do For You!