Recently, I dropped my phone on a hot sidewalk. The screen cracked like a piece of peanut brittle, and I was forced to use an old phone I’d saved until I could get a replacement for my broken phone. I had to laugh—that old phone was simply inadequate. It couldn’t do nearly anything that I rely on my phone for—from checking emails to creating and sending documents to FaceTiming with clients and colleagues. Sure, it could make a call, but it wasn’t efficient, and it didn’t help me do my job better.

Of course, I knew there was a better tool, and I just couldn’t afford to keep going with the old tool when another, a better option offered me everything I need to do my job faster and more precisely.  So as soon as I could, I got a replacement smartphone.

This is what it’s like for vendors who are looking for smart grid technology using archaic methods like Google searches, digging through legislation by hand, or trying to find executive information and contacts for projects (and not always successfully). These vendors waste time and effort, largely because they don’t know a better way exists.

What is that better tool, you might ask? Smart grid technology roadmaps. Take a look and see what these roadmaps are and how they can revolutionize your search for new business partners and project opportunities.

Source: Energy Acuity Grid Platform

What is a smart grid technology roadmap?

To create a smart grid technology roadmap, we at Energy Acuity aggregate data from different points into a single place our clients can look at. The roadmap is a specific way we combine all of our smart grid technology and present it in a straightforward, easy-to-digest way for our customers.

Example of a smart grid technoogy roadmap


Smart grid technology roadmaps are proprietary to Energy Acuity—and they offer incredible insight for vendors like you.


What are the benefits of a smart grid technology roadmap?

  1. Increased lead generation. Smart grid technology roadmaps are very helpful for vendors who want to sell into utilities, as it allows you to identify which utilities are looking to implement specific technologies. With this information, you have a greater likelihood of being able to match your service or product to a utility’s needs.
  1. Better competitive intelligence. With the roadmap, you can see what technologies utilities are interested in, and what the status of the project is; you can also use roadmaps to identify who’s involved in projects you may be interested in. For example, we have identified a variety of vendors that The City of Fort Collins is currently working for their Demand Response, Energy Efficiency and GIS initiatives as well as technologies such Energy Storage and Voltage Optimization where they are planning future spend.
  1. Streamlined processes. Instead of wasting your time digging through thousands of projects and RFPs, and then spending inordinate amounts of time parsing through each one, roadmaps give you data you’re actually looking for automatically. For example, if you’re looking only for a specific smart grid project within a geographic region, you can narrow your search in order to fit those parameters and spend time looking for opportunities only within those projects.
  1. Better ways to forecast business opportunities. In addition to providing more accurate projects, the smart grid technology roadmap also outlines timelines associated with many of those projects. This allows you to see where utilities have or potentially will invest, so you can identify whether or not you’ve missed the window for their project.
  1. Precise methods for forecasting specific leads. Unlike many other data services, which only provide RFPs, Energy Acuity has a smart grid focus. This means the data we’re giving you via the roadmap is specific to smart grid technology and smart grid development.
  1. Information is based on primary research. It can be incredibly difficult to get accurate information as a vendor—time constraints, lack of verified data, and constant change make it tough to get the info you can really rely on. That’s where Energy Acuity comes in. Our roadmap is just one of the tools you can use as; we do the primary research for you, so you can focus less on figuring out how to find the right leads and more on seeing if you can actually do business with those leads.

Smart Grid Technology Roadmaps In Action

Having the right tool makes it easier to do your job, which gives you the opportunity to do it better.

That’s exactly what a smart grid technology roadmap does. We’d love to show you how these roadmaps (and all of the features of the Energy Acuity Grid Platform) work, so you can change the way you do business. Contact us today to set up a live demonstration.