If you’ve been watching the news lately, chances are you’ve heard about wind causing a storm in recent events. A quick Google search returns the following in less than a second:

So the question is, what is the real state of wind energy development at the current time? We’ve set out to determine fact from fiction and answer other questions about wind projects for vendors in our Wind Energy 2016 Report.

Here’s a sneak peek at the facts about U.S. wind power in 2016:

  • Operating projects are broken down by quarter, size, and capacity.
  • An overview of the off-takers from 2016 wind projects.
  • Wind operation by state.
  • Information on the top wind developers, owners, off-takers, suppliers, and EPCs throughout the U.S.
  • Year-over-year capacity information.

Put simply: to separate fact from fiction.

This report will highlight the facts about wind energy production and statistics and data to prove it.

With that data, you’ll get an idea of what can be expected in the future, so you can make an educated decision on why projects in wind energy development are valuable and worth pursuing.

Ready to get the facts? Download the free report.

Source: Energy Acuity

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