2016 was an interesting year for the solar industry. The industry grew, policies changed, and solar continued to surpass expectations.

Three Quick Facts About Solar Projects In 2016

  1. According to SEIA, 2016 was an unusually strong year for solar. Solar ranked as the number one source of new electricity generating capacity additions brought online at 39% in 2016. Year-over-year capacity was 743 MW in 2011; by 2016, that number was 8,097 MW.
  2. The top states for operating solar projects in 2016 were California (3,033 MW), Nevada (776 MW), and Georgia (740 MW).
  3. Combined, the top three EPC firms of 2016 occupy 11% of the market share of the U.S. solar market at 853 MW. We’ve identified the top three firms for solar EPC projects in 2016 as Blattner Energy Inc., Power Consulting Associates, and Rosendin Electric, Inc.

What can facts from past solar projects tell us about the future?

While we don’t have a crystal ball to show us what solar development and solar industry growth will look like in 2017 and beyond, we can use statistics and data to drive your business forward.

Our 2016 Solar Energy Report interprets the data to give you a clear picture of the solar industry landscape, so you can get a better idea which solar projects best fit your company.

In the report you’ll learn:

  • About projects in 26 states, including project size, off-takers and locations.
  • Who led the industry in developing, owning, supplying, building and purchasing the power from USA solar projects in 2016.
  • How to access current news and updates on the solar industry.

Source: Energy Acuity


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