For vendors interested in energy opportunities with smart grid companies, learning about and understanding smart grid opportunity trends is simply something you can’t ignore. By paying attention to what’s going on in the smart grid industry, you’ll have a better grasp on where to look—and what to look for—when you’re ready to find and bid on them.

Source: Energy Acuity Grid Platform

Looking for insider information about smart grid projects?

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you by analyzing data and information from across the industry. We compiled it in our 2016 Smart Grid Report to give you a clear picture of the industry landscape and which smart grid projects may best fit your company.

The report provides:

  • RFPs by region.
  • RFP technology types by region and issuer.
  • Top RFP issuers of 2016.
  • Utility conversations.
  • Technology roadmaps for operations, information, and grid edge technology leads.

In addition, the statistics and data collected in our Energy Acuity Grid Platform will give you a leg up on the competition and help you drive your business forward.

Source: Energy Acuity Grid Platform

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