Where is it “smart” to look for opportunities with smart grid companies? We took a look at data from across the United States (featured in our Energy Acuity Grid Platform) in order to provide a smart grid market forecast comparison for vendors and other interested parties. If that’s you, take a look and see where smart grid project opportunities exist (and where you may want to spend less time searching).

We’ve sorted the top and bottom markets and broken them down in a smart grid market analysis by planning phase projects, implementation phase projects, completed projects, and suspended projects.

Source: Energy Acuity Grid Platform

Top Smart Grid Companies (By State)

These three smart grid markets have the best potential for market share so far in 2017, according to our data:

1.  Texas

  • Planning Phase Projects: 57
  • Implementation Phase Projects: 33
  • Completed Projects: 96

2. California

  • Planning Phase Projects: 41
  • Implementation Phase Projects: 32
  • Completed Projects: 65

3. Colorado

  • Planning Phase: 69
  • Implementation Phase Projects: 7
  • Completed Projects: 28

Bottom Smart Grid Companies (By State)

These three states have the smallest percentage of smart grid market share in the U.S. in 2017. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you should ignore smart grid projects in these states, be sure to do your research first.

1. Delaware

  • Planning Phase Projects: 1
  • Implementation Phase Projects: 1
  • Complete Projects: 7

2. Wyoming

  • Planning Phase Projects: 2
  • Implementation Phase Projects: 2
  • Suspended Projects: 2

3. Nevada

  • Implementation Phase Projects: 2
  • Complete Projects: 5

Top Smart Grid Technologies In 2017

Based on the data in the Energy Acuity Grid Database, the following technologies are the most promising insofar as smart grid market growth is concerned (based on implementation date):

  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure: 48 projects
  • Demand Response: 39 projects
  • Feeder Automation: 38 projects

How do your states and regions of choice compare?

If you’re wondering how your state (or another state you are interested in doing business in) compares to those listed in this article, you can find out all of the pertinent information and additional smart grid market analysis in the Energy Acuity Grid Platform. The statistics and data collected in our smart grid database will give you a leg up on the competition and help you drive your business forward.


Source: Energy Acuity


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