Here at Energy Acuity, we pride ourselves on getting the most out of the partnerships we form with clients. This not only helps us to build out our database in the most robust and accurate way possible, but it also helps us to find out what clients are looking for in terms of product growth. Clients feedback is one way which we’ve successfully grown the Energy Acuity database to where it is today, with the features most frequently praised by executives using the tool.

One company that has really stood out with Energy Acuity is Albuquerque, NM’s Array Technologies, Inc (ATI). We are in constant communication with their marketing team to stay on top of project accuracy, as well as changes in their executive team and corporate events. This level of communication is something we hope to grow with all clients to assure they’re receiving the most out of the tool, and the project intelligence we have on them is as accurate and up to date as possible.

I’ve recently spoken with Ben Theune, Marketing Coordinator for ATI, and company liaison between Array and Energy Acuity. I asked Ben to shed some light on ATI’s use of the Energy Acuity tool, and how it has helped Array Technologies to become one of the most successful manufacturers of solar panel mounting systems across the globe. With a presence in 20 countries and all 50 states within the U.S., it is no mystery why a company with as much success and rapid growth as ATI wants to maximize their efficiency and utilize a platform like Energy Acuity.

Array Technologies has been a client of Energy Acuity’s for approximately three years. According to Ben, the platform is being most frequently utilized by their sales and marketing teams for specific market research initiatives. He went on to say that the product is absolutely used daily, which we have found to be the most effective way to get your maximum return on investment with the subscription, learning the ins and outs of the product, and how it can help to connect you with opportunities and increase your market share.

“Our sales and marketing teams utilize the ‘Company Search’ feature often to research project involvement, identify decision makers and secure contact information for customers or potential customers. We also find the ‘Market Share and Rankings Search’ feature to be interesting and useful for pipeline projections and identifying new players in the utility solar market.” claims Ben.

Ben went on to state that, “Energy Acuity has been, and continues to be, an indispensable tool for Array Technologies to survey the utility-scale PV landscape. [Their] comprehensive database of projects and companies is surely unique, especially when coupled with their responsive research and support team that is constantly searching for ways to improve their platform.”

Array Technologies continue to grow their presence in the PV sector and maintain an outstanding reputation among peers. A close relationship with Energy Acuity has given them insight into the utility-scale PV sector, as well as provided Energy Acuity with up to date project intelligence, expanding our coverage of the market and maintaining a position as one of the leading market research firms across the renewable energy industry. To get the most out of Energy Acuity, contact your client relations manager today and discuss what you can do to maximize your company’s potential.


Source: Array TechnologiesEnergy Acuity


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