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Today we’re going to be going through how to easily and efficiently find and close new business with Energy Acuity Smart Grid RFP & Opportunity Search.

Once Logged in…

Energy Acuity makes it easy to find the Smart Grid RFPs & Opportunities that are important to your business!

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Search by Keyword, Issuing Company, Technology Type (Transmission, Substation, Smart Grid, AMI, Analytics, Asset Management, Communications Network, Customer Information System, Cyber Security, Demand Response, Distributed Energy Resource (DER), Distributed Generation, Distribution Management System, Energy Efficiency, Feeder Automation, Geographic Information System (GIS), Meter Data Management, Oil Analysis, Outage Management System, SCADA, Street Lighting, Substation Automation, Voltage Optimization, and/or Workforce Management), Solicitation Type (Turnkey, Goods, Service, and/or Wholesale Power), Issue Date, Deadline Range, and/or Location.

For this Example…

We’re going to be looking at Smart Grid and SCADA Projects.

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Smart Grid RFPs and Opportunities are sorted by Issuing Date. They can also be sorted by Opportunity Type (Conversation, IRP, Proceeding, and/or RFP), Deadline, Name, Companies Involved, State, Country, Tech Type, and/or Solicitation Type.

Let’s Jump into the Most Recent RFP Profile…

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Each RFP Profile contains all of the information need to quickly evaluate if this RFP is right for your business!


Let’s Say This Smart Grid/AMI Project is Exactly What You’re Looking For!

You’ll see all of the Key Contacts related to the RFP, including direct dials, company phone, and email address, Related Projects so you can close similar projects quicker, as well as all of the Related Companies, so you can set up long-term strategic partnerships.

You can also choose to:
Watch RFP – Receive notifications anytime the RFP is updated or modified.
Watch Related Projects – Receive notifications for all projects related to this RFP as they’re associated.
Ask EA – Don’t waste time searching for more information! If this RFP or Project is important to your business, use this button to send our Analysts in your direction.


With Energy Acuity’s Smart Grid RFP & Opportunity Search you can efficiently plan & close new business!


For more information, contact or go to Energy Acuity’s Grid Platform page.



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