Even though we are still smack dab in the middle of 2015, it couldn’t hurt to start looking ahead to what the U.S. wind industry has in store for next year. Whether you’re looking to get involved in the project or you’re just fascinated by wind farm development, keep an eye on these five projects in the next year:

Source: Energy Acuity Renewables Platform

Cheyenne Ridge*600 MW

This 600 MW wind project in eastern Colorado, being developed by TradeWind Energy using GE turbines, is on track to begin construction sometime in 2016, with the project being complete the following year. The energy produced by this project will power around 180,000 homes in CO and will be sold to local utilities, with the interconnection point yet to be determined.

Perryton Wind*300 MW

While still in the process of getting all the necessary approvals and permits, Perryton Wind is scheduled to begin construction in the spring of 2016. Apex Clean Energy is developing this project in Ochiltree County, TX, which will consist of 150 turbines and power around 108,000 homes in Texas.

Happy Hereford Wind I*240 MW (FERC Form 556 filing)

More wind is on the way for Texas, as another 240-MW is slated to begin construction in the first quarter of 2016. Chermac Energy is listed as the developer and owner and is also performing operations and maintenance duties. Google has agreed to purchase all 240 MW of power from this project, and while they won’t be using the power directly for their data centers, they will be receiving solar renewable energy credits (RECs) for selling the power to a wholesale power marketer.

Searchlight*200 MW

Another project being developed by Apex Clean Energy, along with Duke Energy, Searchlight will be providing 200 MW of power for the state of Nevada when complete. This project was authorized by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) under their Preferred Wind Energy Development Alternative, however, they are still in the process of getting regulatory approvals and a Notice to Proceed. According to our conversations with the BLM, the project is anticipated to begin construction sometime next year and be finished in 2017.

Merricourt*150 MW

While there are still some hurdles for the project, namely the lack of a power purchase agreement (PPA) and the potential impact on local bird populations, the 150-MW Merricourt project, jointly developed by EDF and Xcel Energy, is located near the southern border of North Dakota and is still in the development pipeline for EDF. If a PPA can be secured, they expect construction to begin sometime around spring 2016 with completion in 2017.


Sources: Tradewind Energy,  Perryton Wind,  Apex Clean EnergyEnergy Acuity Renewables Platform


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