Energy Acuity, the leading provider of energy industry intelligence, adds more depth to their commercial property intelligence by rolling in both energy usage and credit risk scoring to their property profiles. These new data sets allow subscribers to view both a calculated estimate of a property’s annual energy usage, as well as an estimation of the property’s future probability of risk. This intelligence will further assist subscribers in their efforts as they prospect potential locations for energy related services such as solar, HVAC, energy efficiency, and battery storage, among others.

Energy Acuity began tracking commercial property data in 2015 in an effort to significantly increase the amount of leads available to subscribers interested in commercial and industrial solar development. Today they host profiles on more than 809,000 properties across the United States as part of both their Renewable Energy and Grid Infrastructure Databases.

“Understanding a building’s energy use and intensity is an important factor when identifying potential corporate offtakers” said Brian Graff, CEO of Energy Acuity. β€œWe are focused on providing data that helps our users identify and evaluate opportunities that will help them meet their business goals.”

Energy Acuity’s energy usage data is derived from a formula that factors in a property’s location and size as well as the known energy usage of similar properties. This intelligence provide subscribers with a starting point from which to approach property owners regarding energy efficient technologies and energy saving opportunities. The property’s credit risk score is based on a national norm value of 100 and is intended to be linear. High scores represent a high level of risk, while low scores represent a low level of risk.

About Energy Acuity: Energy Acuity provides intelligence on the energy industry and markets through three online platforms focused on Renewable Energy, Grid Infrastructure, and Traditional Energy. The product suite covers over 14,200 companies, 2,900 utilities, 65,270 projects, 94,000 industry professionals, and over 809,000 properties.


Source: Energy Acuity


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