Energy Acuity LLC, the leading provider of energy industry intelligence, is excited to announce the addition of energy legislation to their EA|Renewables and EA|Grid databases. With this rollout, Energy Acuity is now actively tracking bills being passed through State House and Senate in the process of becoming law. The new dataset expands Energy Acuity’s existing policy information to provide a comprehensive look at energy policy from both State Congress and State Public Utility Commissions.

The EA|Renewables and EA|Grid databases are research and business development tools dedicated to providing accurate and up-to-date market intelligence on the solar, wind, and electric utility markets. The goal of this new data set is to provide subscribers with early insight into laws that will inevitably affect energy market trends and investments.

“Energy Acuity’s addition of state energy bills provides our users with the earliest possible insight into clean energy markets, even before laws are signed and impact the proceedings facing state PUCs,” said Brian Graff, CEO of Energy Acuity. “Understanding where markets are going at an early stage is extremely valuable to our clients, providing them with information that is essential in understanding and preparing for the policies that will impact their business”.

Subscribers are able to search for legislation by state, chamber, and status, making it easy to identify and follow new bills. The data compliments Energy Acuity’s already expansive utility and state profile coverage, allowing users to contextualize legislative proceedings in a landscape of historical and forward looking projects, financials, RFPs, news, primary research and more.

Energy Acuity’s policy information focuses on utility resource planning, rate making, distributed energy resources, storage, demand management, smart metering initiatives, net metering, community energy, RPS filings—providing a targeted data set for companies involved in renewable energy and grid modernization.

About Energy Acuity: Energy Acuity provides intelligence on the energy industry and markets through three online platforms focused on Renewable Energy, Grid Infrastructure, and Traditional Energy. The product suite covers over 14,200 companies, 2,900 utilities, 65,270 projects, 94,000 industry professionals, and over 809,000 properties.

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Source: Energy Acuity


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