Are you tired of combing through endless PUC websites and documents, slowly piecing together information on policy filings and proceedings? We thought so, and we think we can end your suffering.
Energy Acuity is excited to introduce Policy as the latest addition to our Renewable Energy and Grid Infrastructure databases. With this roll-out, we are now actively identifying, summarizing, and analyzing proceedings at state public utility commissions (PUCs).

This Policy resource makes it easy for our subscribers to quickly identify key information pertaining to each proceeding. We provide timely and comprehensive updates on new policy proceedings that are categorized by state, topic, status, utility and docket number. Proceeding profiles include in-depth summaries, related documents, a timeline of events, and biographical information on the commissioners involved.

For more details on our new Policy offering, read the official press release: 

‘Energy Acuity Expands Electric Power Intelligence to Include Policy Information’


Source: Energy Acuity


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