With the term “fake news” at the forefront these days, we wanted to do our due diligence to make sure you have the best, most reliable sources for wind energy news. With that in mind, we identified a handful of trustworthy sites (and a bonus site!) we suggest turning to for the latest in wind power news, industry changes, upcoming renewables projects, and more. We trust these sources so much that we use them ourselves when we want to learn more about what’s going on in the industry. Check out the list below and add a few to your daily must-read list.

Source: Energy Acuity Renewables Platform

1. North American Windpower

North American Windpower is one of our go-to sites for wind energy news articles. According to the website, “North American Windpower is the leading magazine and website serving decision-making professionals involved in all aspects of the wind energy generation and distribution business.” The news section includes articles on projects and contracts, policy watch, products and technologies, RFP, and more. You can subscribe to the magazine for free.

2. Windpower Monthly

According to its website, Windpower Monthly is ”the leading news magazine of the international wind energy business, publishing non-stop since 1985.” It is a subscription-based website that features news, reports, intelligence data, insights, and expert papers that “provide up-to-date information on the key technologies and developments in products and services that are driving competitive advantage and efficiencies in the global wind power sector.” The website is subscription-based; prices vary depending on which package you choose.

3. Recharge

Identifying itself as “the global source for renewable energy news & intelligence,” Recharge is one of our top resources for wind energy news as well as solar energy news. The site features stories about offshore wind, wind energy in North America, global wind farm news, and more.

4. Offshore Wind

Offshore Wind shares wind energy news and updates on “wind farms, projects, markets, vessels, equipment, turbines, research, contractors, and the authorities dominating these markets.” According to the site, whether you’re an employee on a project, crew member, project manager, or executive, Offshore Wind is a must-read source for developments in the offshore wind industry.

5. Midwest Energy News

Midwest Energy News launched in 2010 as “a nonprofit news site dedicated to keeping stakeholders, policymakers, and citizens informed of the changes taking place as the Midwest shifts from fossil fuels to a clean energy system.” This wind power news site takes a unique perspective, as it is focused only on a specific region of the United States. The site isn’t solely about wind energy, however—you can find news about solar and renewable energy as well.

6. Reputable National & Local Newspapers

Wind energy professionals should keep up to date with local, national, and global news sites for information on new projects and RFPs that may be worth pursuing.

Another Place To Find Reliable Wind Energy News

While we aren’t a news organization, the Energy Acuity Renewables Database should be among the places you turn for reliable wind energy news. Our database has project profiles, company profiles, RFPs, deals intelligence, and property data that can keep you a step ahead of the competition when looking to find and win solar energy bids. See how it works with a free demo.


Source: Energy Acuity Renewables Platform


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