Our 2016 Smart Grid report has everything you need to know about the biggest smart grid companies in the industry—including RFPs by region, RFP technology types by region and utility issuer, top utility issuers of 2016, utility conversations, and more.

But we know some vendors are more interested in learning about the up-and-comers—the smart grid startups positioned to make great gains through 2018 and beyond. To help get you going, here are five of our top smart grid startups to keep your eye on.


Urjanet’s tagline is “utility data simplified,” which perfectly fits this smart grid startup centered around utility analytics. According to the company’s Twitter page, it is the global leader in utility data; they aggregate, standardize, and automate data from 4,000 utility providers around the world. You can get a glimpse of Urjanet’s utility providers here.Urjanet’s CEO is Sanjoy Malik.

Vionx Energy

Vionx Energy, “grid storage for the long run,” is an energy storage company based out of Massachusetts. According to the company’s website, it offers a “long-lasting, more durable solution for grid-scale energy storage customers. And its performance is guaranteed.” Vionx’s vanadium redox flow battery “offers a safe and flexible solution built to exacting utility standards so that it will continue to perform for 20 years and beyond.”

Ten companies—Vionx, United Technologies Corp., United Technologies Research Center, Starwood Energy Group, Siemens, 3M, Vantage Point Capital Partners, XL Caitlin, New Energy Risk, and Jabil—work together to license, finance, manufacture, insure and deploy Vionx’s breakthrough vanadium flow storage system.

View Dynamic Glass

Billed as the “world’s most intelligent window,” View Dynamic Glass is a self-tinting electrochromic smart glass that claims to boost productivity, reduce absenteeism, increase value, and save energy. The company was lauded as one of six companies changing the world, and as I sit here trying to dodge a glare from my window, I can easily see how this energy efficiency product could be revolutionary. View Dynamic Glass is led by CEO Dr. Rao Mulpuri.

ViZn Energy

ViZn Energy Systems are large-scale energy storage solutions for grid applications. This smart grid startup, founded in 2009, has been working to commercialize a revolutionary energy storage solution for use wherever economical and safe energy storage can add value.

In September 2017, Navigant Research named ViZn Energy the leader among global grid scale non-lithium ion energy storage technologies. ViZn’s team is led by President and CEO Ron Van Dell.

UET Technologies

Another energy storage smart grid startup, UET Technologies “provides turn-key, megawatt-scale energy storage solutions that simultaneously deliver both power and energy for commercial/industrial, microgrid, and utility applications.” Led by CEO Z. Gary Yang, Ph.D., this manufacturer of advanced vanadium flow batteries offers two main products: UniSystem and ReFlex.

Where does your company fit in?

To learn more about up-and-coming smart grid projects that might hold opportunities for you, check out the Energy Acuity Grid Database. The statistics and data collected in our smart grid database will give you a leg up on the competition and help you drive your business forward.