Parcel Data & Advanced Mapping

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Electrical Infrastructure & Land Owner Information.


Layer any combination of the following:
Solar, Wind and/or Energy Storage Projects
Parcel Data

*Solar Projects in Boulder, CO with Transmission Lines & Substations, overlaid with Parcel Data.

Parcel Data At Your Fingertips

Energy Acuity now provides Parcel Data Mapping for all platforms. Parcel Data includes:
Property Lines
Land Boundaries
Property Owner
Physical Address
Mailing Address
— And 20+ Additional Property Attributes!



How Does Energy Acuity get it's data?

Primary & proactive research, web & news monitoring, public resource aggregation and expert analysis.

How does EA ensure the accuracy of the data?

Energy Acuity ensures accuracy through the aggregation of thousands of different data points and resources along with expert review.

Who uses Energy Acuity?

The majority of our clients are Developers, EPC’s, Subcontractors, Distributors, Manufacturers, Utilities, O&Ms, Financiers, Law Firms, and Recruiters.

How often is the tool updated?

Energy Acuity’s platform is updated every 24 hours.

How long has EA been in business?

Started in 2008, Energy Acuity is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year!

Is there training/support offered?

We judge our success by the success of our users! Training and support is offered 24/7, 365 for the life of your subscription. We’re here to help you get the most out of Energy Acuity!

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