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Find New Projects and Build Meaningful Relationships with Industry Leaders!
✔️ Track, Analyze & Monitor RFPsOpportunities & Bids
✔️ Looking for Deeper Insights into you Top RFPs? Energy Acuity Tracks the Award of RFPs & Contract Value
✔️ Easily Sort and Identify Pre-Construction Projects
✔️ Establish Strategic Partnerships with Top Developers and Gain Insights into their Pipelines!
✔️ Identify Utility IRPs and Preferred Development Partners while Analyzing New Market Development!

✔️ Track, Analyze & Monitor RFPsOpportunities & Bids

With Energy Acuity, active RFPs and Bids are Vetted, Analyzed & Organized for your convenience! Stop the endless searching and sorting! Develop qualified pipelines and streamline the time spent on research and development.

Sample RFP & Opportunity Search
Sample RFP & Opportunity Profile

Active RFP and Bid searching is available on the following platforms:
✔️ Renewables (Solar & Wind)
✔️ Traditional (Fossil, Nuclear & Hydro)
✔️ Energy Storage (Grid Scale & Storage)
✔️ Grid (Substation & Transmission)
✔️ Water & Gas (Water & Gas Utility)

✔️ Looking for Deeper Insights into your Top RFPs? Energy Acuity Tracks the Award of RFPs & Contract Value

Energy Acuity Monitors Awarded RFPs in the Renewables, Grid, Traditional & Energy Storage Industries! Sort by Date, Proposal Name, Awardee, Contract Value, Companies Involved, State, Country and/or Solicitation type.
Sorting RFP Awards by Contract Value allows subscribers to accurately assessing the market and strategically planning future initiatives!

See why industry leaders trust Energy Acuity to provide Accurate and Granular RFP information.

✔️ Easily Sort and Identify Pre-Construction Projects

Stay ahead of the competition by identifying Real-Time Opportunities as their Announced! Energy Acuity Tracks & Organizes Pre-Construction projects as their released.

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting and Start Planning for New Business Years in Advance!

✔️ Establish Strategic Partnerships with Top Developers and Gain Insights into their Pipelines!

With Energy Acuity, finding Qualified Developers is Quick & Easy!

Search Developers by location, Project Type, Project Status (Pre-Construction, Under Construction, Operating, Project Suspended, Decommissioned, & Repowering), Project Offtaker (Commercial, Government, Utility, Education, Energy Market, & Other), and/or Capacity Range.

Building Credibility & Strategic Partnerships has Never Been Easier!


Sample Developer Profile
Sample Developer Pipeline


✔️ Pinpoint Utility IRPs and Preferred Development Partners while Analyzing New Market Development!

With energy acuity identifying Utility IRPs & Preferred Development Partners is Quick & Easy. Simply go to the policy tab, select IRP Analysis, then Select the State, Technology Type, Trend, Keyword, and/or Utility you would like to search for.

You can then search all Utility IRPs within that State, Technology Type, Trend, Keyword and/or Utility. You can then go into the Utility profile and see all of the intelligence related to that Utility. Search through Policy Information, Project Information, Utility Details as well as Preferred EPC Partners.

With IRP & Preferred EPC Partners search, Energy Acuity makes running Competitive Analysis, Planning Territory Expansion or Analyzing New Market Trends Quick & Easy!

Looking for a Demo of the Energy Acuity Platform?

Northline Utilities - Energy Acuity Customer Success

“[Energy Acuity] keeps me informed about important business activity without having to spend hours reading and researching”

Business Development Consultant, Northline Utilities

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