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EA| LMP Database

What's in the EA| LMP Database?

 We're Tracking Nodal and Hub Pricing Data:

Node Profiles
Search, sort through, and export price node & hub data for CAISO, ERCOT, MISO, NEISO, NYISO, PJM, and SPP. Details include:
  • Location
  • LMP Price
  • Congestion
  • Line Loss
  • Hourly Data going back to 1/1/14
Node Comparison
To assist in site selection and analyis, subscribers are able to compare nodes to each other as well as hubs. Understanding this interation is paramount for accessing basis risk.
Subscribers can visual price changes for specific nodes and regions with our contour map. This heat mapping helps identify how prices are being impacted on an hour by hour basis over any selected 30 day period.
Forward Price
Leverage forward electricity prices to evaluate and model risk and cash flows at ISO Hubs. Compare Peak vs. Off Peak as well as specific shaped curves for Solar and Wind.