Key Data

At Energy Acuity we are constantly working to improve and to find new ways to capture industry intelligence for our clients. Our three databases are constantly evolving to include new datasets pertaining to their respective markets. Below are just some of the key features that keep our subscribers coming back.



           Requests for Proposals

RFPIcon-1If you don't know about an upcoming Request for Proposal (RFP), then you can't bid on it. This is exactly what we aim to help our clients prevent - loss of an opportunity. Subscribers can access and monitor upcoming RFPs throughout the energy industry, search for upcoming deadlines, and receive notifications when new solicitations are added. Don't miss out on a chance to build new business!




          PPA Pricing 

DollarSign-1In both the Renewables and Traditional Databases we've included detailed pricing data, as provided by the Electronic Quarterly Report, where our subscribers can drill down by fiscal quarter to see who purchased power and exactly how much they paid for it. 








                   State Profiles

KeyDataStateProfile.jpgEnergy Acuity has profiles for the 50 U.S. states! Each profile breaks down project activity, companies, news, opportunities and pricing within that state. Find out what companies are headquartered there and how best to contact them. If your prospecting locations for solar development or efficiency technologies, you can also view properties throughout the state.  


           KeyDataCommercialProperty-1.jpg        Commercial Property Data

We're tracking over 583,500 commercial properties in the United States that are larger than 25,000 square feet. Subscribers interested in prospecting locations for solar development or energy efficiency technologies can sort  properties by size, location, general use, and whether the building is owner occupied.







KeyDataUtilityIQ.jpg Utility IQ Conversations

Our research analysts are speaking directly with utility professionals to bring our customers direct intelligence on their operations, assets, and current and future plans for investments. Clients have full visibility into these conversations, our analysts' notes, and contact details for our source.


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