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The Top 10 Solar Developers Of 2016: A Breakdown

Posted by Jesse Goertel on March 20, 2017 at 9:06 AM



For many people in the solar business, identifying and evaluating solar companies to partner with is a tedious task. One helpful question that can jump-start the evaluation process is: Which solar companies have been the most active and had the most success?

At Energy Acuity, we make that easy. We’ve broken down the top solar companies of 2016 by solar developers, solar owners, EPC firms, and suppliers so you can easily identify the leaders in the solar field. All of this data is based on projects completed in 2016 in the U.S. and ranked by total megawatt (MW) capacity using our project intelligence information and our Market Share & Rankings tool.

Top Solar Developers

Solar developers effectively move the market by seeking out the best conditions for project development in terms of electricity pricing, state regulations, and market incentives.

The top solar developers can help vendors get visibility into trends, because they show the current state of the industry and where renewable energy is flourishing. Because the solar industry can be so regional, following areas of intense development shows where regional support is, and consequently, where it may be wise to invest.

Top 10 Solar Developers Of 2016 - Chart 1.png






Top Solar Owners

These are growth-focused companies that specialize in owning project assets, which are more valuable because they’re actually producing power. Because these companies are able to own the projects, they can reap the full value of the assets. Identifying the top solar owners is important because it shows which firms may present the most promising long-term perspective for the solar industry.

Top 10 Solar Developers Of 2016 - Chart 2.png

Top EPC Firms

EPCs work in tandem with solar developers. Most successful firms in this space build up the best network of relationships within the industry—their ability to build partnerships with solar developers, laborers, and contractors is a good barometer of the interconnectivity of the industry. Since they actually build the projects, solar EPC companies are most instrumental in putting projects on the ground.

Top 10 Solar Developers Of 2016 - Chart 3.png

Top Solar Suppliers (Including Solar Panel, Mounting System, & Inverter Suppliers)

Solar suppliers function as vendors. They are particularly of interest because the price of solar panels is directly tied to overall project cost, which is a defining attribute that allows developers to compete for energy projects. Solar suppliers and solar manufacturing companies are a good barometer of overall health of solar industry, because as they’re able to sell solar panels cheaper and cheaper, the industry will continue to thrive.

Top 10 Solar Developers Of 2016 - Chart 4.png

These lists of solar developers, owners, EPC firms, and developers should give you an idea of the top solar companies you may want to target throughout  2017—but keep in mind that these lists are constantly changing as new projects emerge and develop and players enter the market.

To get access to the most up-to-date solar development project information, contact details for executives at these and other solar companies, and in-depth project intelligence details, check out the Energy Acuity Renewables Database. This tool can also give you unparallelled insight into where projects have been built and where and when future projects are being planned.

For details, or if you are interested in more rankings, please contact us below.

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