Request for Proposal Intelligence


If you don't know about an upcoming Request for Proposal (RFP), then you can't bid on it or expand your business through it. This is exactly what the RFP section of Energy Acuity aims to help our clients prevent - loss of an opportunity. Our subscribers can access and monitor upcoming requests in the renewable energy and clean technology sectors. The ability to search for upcoming deadlines, as well as receive notifications when new solicitations are added, ensures that users won't miss out on a chance to build new business.

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  • Discover projects to bid on through solar RFPs, wind RFPs, biomass, smart grid and more.

  • View archived and upcoming RFPs issued by Utilities, Government Agencies and Private Institutions

  • Narrow search criteria based on technology, capacity range, date range and requesting party

  • View and export search results with details and contact information included


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  • Energy Efficiency RFP
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