Key Data




RFPIcon-1Requests for Proposals

If you don't know about an upcoming Request for Proposal (RFP), then you can't bid on it or expand your business through it. This is exactly what Energy Acuity aims to help our clients prevent - loss of an opportunity. Our subscribers can access and monitor upcoming requests for poposals throughout the energy industry, search for upcoming deadlines, and receive notifications when new solicitations are added, ensuring that users won't miss out on a chance to build new business.





ProjectIconProject Details

Energy Acuity prides itself on having the most thorough and up-to-date project intelligence available. Powerful search capabilities enable users to stay informed on the activities of key players throughout the energy industry. Our databases are updated daily to ensure that subscribers have access to accurate and actionable data.







DollarSign-1PPA Pricing 

In both the Renewables and Traditional Databases we're including detailed pricing data, as provided by the Electronic Quarterly Report, where our subscribers can drill down by fiscal quarter to see who purchased power and exactly how much they paid for it.